Bhala Thandhanana Review 

Bhala Thandhanana Review 

Director Chaitanya Dantuluri’s film, Bhala Thandhanana starring Sree Vishnu and Catherine Tresa as the lead pair is out for the public viewing today. Check out our authentic Bhala Thandhanana review.


A crime journalist Sasirekha ( Catherine Tresa) will be working on the dark world of an influencing personality named Anand Bali( Garuda Ramachandra Raju). This is the time, Sasirekha comes across a guy Chandu( Sree Vishnu). Who is Chandu? How is he connected with the dark story of Anand Bali? What is the role of Rs 2000 crore hawala money in this crime drama? To know that, you have to watch the film in the theatres near you.

Key Aspects:

Hero Sree Vishnu gave a decent performance and tried to do justice to the character. His character has two shades in it and the talented actor did his part quite convincingly.  Catherine Tresa is seen as chubby on screen but she converted all the loopholes with her performance and screen presence. The chemistry between the lead pair is showcased nicely but would have been presented even better.

Garuda Ramachandra Raju is impressive in the negative shaded character that has a strong setup. Senior artist Posani Krishna Murali evokes decent fun with his typical facial expressions in the second half. Other supporting artists such as comedian Satya gave a decent job in their characters.

Technical Team:

The cinematography work by Suresh Ragutu is good as he presented the entire film with good lighting and framing setup. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is not up to the mark as he would have trimmed the dull moments in both the halves outrightly.

Coming to Mani Sharma’s music, his background score is engaging to an extent. On the other hand, all the songs are passable and has fresh sounding. Srikanth Vissa did a good job as a dialogue writer as his work is visible in a few key episodes. Production values for this tight budget movie are okay.

Negative Points:

Director Chaitanya Dantuluri tried to showcase a crime drama by interlinking it with Rs 2000 crore hawala money which is not a bad idea while preparing the first draft but he literally struggled to execute the processing with a gripping screenplay.

Keeping aside his way of narration, Chaitanya Dantuluri tried a regular commercial formate narrative which turned into a mess. If he would have executed the film in his own style, at least he would have received accolades.


To conclude, Bhala Thandhanana is a crime thriller that has a few engaging moments scenes in the first half but a lack of gripping narrative in the second half added with regular template commercial formate narrative disappoints the viewers.

One Word Review: Execution syndrome!

Rating: 2/5