Jayamma Panchayathi Review 

Jayamma Panchayathi Review 

Small screen Superstar cum actress Suma Kanakala’s rural drama, Jayamma Panchayathi under the direction of Vijay Kumar Kalivarapu is out for public viewing today. Check out our authentic Jayamma Panchayathi Review.


The film runs in a remote village in the Srikakulam district in Andhra Pradesh. Prominently, Jayamma Panchayathi revolves around the life story of a strong lady Jayamma ( Suma Kanakala). But she has a few financial problems in her family. How will Jayamma sort out the family related issues by using the village Panchayati board, forms the crucial aspect of the film.

Key Aspects:

As expected Suma Kanakala impresses with her performance in this silver screen comeback film. Even after her comeback after more than two decades, her commendable screen presence is a major advantage for the movie.  Suma did the role perfectly which has multiple emotions in it. The talented actress impresses with her natural acting in emotional scenes which are the crucial portions of the proceedings.
Suma’s dialogue delivery in village accent evokes good comedy in a few light-hearted portions. A few fun scenes involving Suma and the villagers are executed hilariously on screen.

Actor Devi Prasad gave a convincing performance in his meaty role as Suma’s husband. Most of the film has new artists in the role of villagers and all of them gave a natural performance throughout.

Technical Team:

MM Keeravani’s music is okay but not that great. While all the situational songs are passable on screen, his background elevates a few portions.

Anush Kumar’s photography is too good as he captured the village atmosphere nicely through his lens. Editing work by Ravi Teja Girijala is okay as he kept the runtime crisper. Production values by Balaga Prakash’s banner are apt for the film’s genre.

Negative Points:

Director Vijay Kumar Kalivarapu chose a thing and single point stretched storyline that revolves around the family problems of Jayamma and tried to present it for more than two hours. His narration is slow and takes its own sweet time to enter into the main story Adding to it, the key proceedings in the second half lack a solid presentation. Looks like Vijay misused the golden opportunity but did not execute the proceedings in an effective manner.


To conclude, Jayamma Panchayathi is a rural drama that revolves around Jayamma and her family problems. While Suma Kanakala impresses with her natural performance, the dull and lifeless episodes divert the audience’s mood. If you still want to give the film a try do keep a check on your expectations.

One Word Review: Suma aka Jayamma’s show!

Rating: 2/5