Nene Vasthunna Review


Tamil star actor-director duo Dhanush and Selvaraghavan’s film, Naane Varuvean is released in Telugu as Nene Vasthunna. Check out our authentic Nene Vasthunna Review.


Kadir and Prabhu( roles played by Dhanush) are twin brothers who will be separated in childhood by their mother due to psychological issues of Kadir. Later, the twins grow up separately and will be leading individual lives with respective families. But one strange incident bring the twins together? What is the incident? How is it connected with the life of Prabhu’s daughter? What has Kadir to do with it, forms the key aspect.

Key Aspects:

Dhanush’s makeover for both the roles is good. His natural performance is an added advantage for the film. Though there is nothing great in specific to mention about his acting, Dhanush portrayed both the roles in a convincing manner.

Senior actor Prabhu did a cameo but meaningful role. Selvaraghavan impresses in a small cameo. Heroines Elli AvrRam and Indhuja Ravichandran are decent in their respective roles.

The child artists who played key roles are impressive with their acting.

Technical Department:

The cinematography work by Om Prakash is outstanding as he showcased the entire film on a superb note. He captured the natural forest locations is a stunning manner with his lens.

The editing work by Bhuvan Srinivasan is slick. He chopped off unwanted scenes and kept the runtime crisper.The music composed by Yuva Shankar Raja registers well as he songs and background score elevates the film.

Production design work is okay and so is the case with the production values.

Negative Points:

Director Selvaraghavan took things for granted in the second half. After presenting the film on a gripping note, he lost to handel the things in the second half.

If the second half proceedings are narrated on a gripping note, the film would have got unanimous applause.


To conclude, Nene Vasthunna is twin brothers related psychological drama that has a limited appeal. Selvaraghavan’s treatment in the second half dilutes the audience attention.

One Word Review: Half-baked thriller!

Rating: 1.5/5